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An eerie adventure into the underworld of a Swedish subculture and the mind of the divisive rockstar who started it all.

Type: Documentary | Run time: 98 min | Language: English, Swedish | Year: 2019

Director: Amelia Trask | Producer: Sasha Hecht


In the mid-90s, a unique counter-culture began to emerge in Sweden. The young people who identified with this movement often smeared heavy black eyeliner around their eyes, dyed their hair black, and teased it into large bouffants. They glued silver stars to their cheeks and dressed mostly in black. Their favorite band was called Broder Daniel, and its precocious teenage singer, Henrik Berggren, was their leader.

Over 20 years later, the subculture continues and evolves, although its favorite band is now long gone. A new generation of musicians carry on the legacy of “authentic Swedish pop” and the bouffant hair has expanded its palette to a rainbow of neon. But no one knows what happened to the boy at the center of the phenomenon, Henrik Berggren, who disappeared from the public eye following a string of personal tragedies.

I’ll Be Gone finds Henrik Berggren in present-day isolation, managing a chronic illness on the outskirts of Swedish society. Through the film, he explains the decisions and events that led him to his current state.

A selection of other characters are profiled, each with their own unique connections and contributions to the story. As the film progresses, a multi-faceted view of the subculture, its significance, and its identity emerges.




March 15th, 2019 @ Pipeline (Film Fest Sundsvall/ Sundsvall, Sweden) SOLD OUT

February 3rd, 2019 @ Roy (Göteborg Film Festival/ Gothenburg, Sweden) SOLD OUT

February 1st, 2019 @ Biopalatset (Göteborg Film Festival /Gothenburg, Sweden) SOLD OUT

January 30th, 2019 @ Capitol (Göteborg Film Festival /Gothenburg, Sweden) SOLD OUT

January 29th, 2019 @ Draken (Göteborg Film Festival /Gothenburg, Sweden)* Scandinavian Premiere* SOLD OUT