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Magasinet Filter Controversy

Regarding Magasinet Filter’s Defamatory Article,

Kärlek Med Förhinder [Love With Obstacles]

| Official statement by Sasha Hecht, September 29th 2019

| Conflict timeline

Friday sept 20th, 2019

Trask and Hecht realize a different version of Kärlek Med Förhinder was printed on Monday Nov 5th, 2018. Trask and Hecht contact Rasmus Hansen and he informs them that he was also not aware of the two articles existence.

Saturday sept 21st, 2019

Trask and Hecht contact Henrik Berggren and he informs them that he was also not aware of the two articles existence.

Sunday sept 22nd, 2019

Trask and Hecht are contacted by Magasinet Filter staff writer and author of Kärlek Med Förhinder, Oskar Sonn Lindell. Trask and Hecht prepare a public statement.

MOnday sept 23rd, 2019

Trask and Hecht post a public statement to Magasinet Filter with side-by-side infographic comparing the content of both versions of the story:

On Friday, September 20th, 2019, it came to our attention that the article Kärlek Med Förhinder (published by Magasinet Filter digitally November 19th, 2018 and physically in the December ’18/January ’19 print issue in Sweden) is not the same article that was sent to us (Amelia Trask and Sasha Hecht) and domestically-renowned Swedish musician Henrik Berggren for fact-checking on Friday, November 2nd, 2018. Not only is the published version not structurally reflective of writer Oskar Sonn Lindell’s submitted work, it is factually inaccurate and defamatory in its historical inaccuracies.

The article’s author, Oskar Sonn Lindell, was granted access by us to follow our New York-based production through the making of I’ll Be Gone from our first test shoot in Sweden in fall 2015 until fall 2018, at which point Oskar Sonn Lindell wrote the article. On Friday, November 2nd, 2018, three days before the article went to go to print, a final draft was sent to everyone quoted in the article for fact-checking.

On Sunday, November 4th 2018, the day before the article went to print, Oskar Sonn Lindell informed us that “our publisher deemed some parts of the article unfit to publish, so we had to cut some of them and re-phrase some things.”

Considering Filter’s prestigious journalistic reputation in Sweden, we and the other main subjects had no reason to suspect that the article would be fundamentally altered, and so we did not read the final piece until September 20th, 2019.

Below you will find the printed version side by side with the original final version (translated to English and original Swedish) of Kärlek Med Förhinder as written and submitted by Oskar Sonn Lindell, approved by his editor, and factually substantiated by Filter’s unredacted access to four years worth of our production’s internal materials including emails, memos, contracts, interviews, and recordings of in-person and phone meetings with Ebba Lindqvist (PR), Joel Borg (Woah Dad Live), Pontus Sillrén (United Stage), Klas Lunding (Telegram/Woah Dad), and Anders Larsson (United Stage), among others.

Why would a nationally-acclaimed, award-winning publication like Magasinet Filter change an article from being demonstrably true to demonstrably false the day before it goes to print? Why would you publish statements that are easily disproven by evidence in your possession, thereby opening yourselves up to legal action?

Original Swedish comparison of Nov 3, 2018 draft vs. Nov 5, 2018 printed article

English translation comparison of Nov 3, 2018 draft vs. Nov 5, 2018 printed article

wednesday sept 25th, 2019

Trask emails Mattias Göransson, Magasinet Filter Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, asking for source clarification. The email is forwarded from Trask’s original communication thread with Göransson from October 24th, 2015 in which Göransson pitches his idea for his magazine’s the article to Trask and first introduces Oskar Sonn Lindell.

filt mattias original emails.png
9-25-19 email to filt eic.png

thursday sept 28th, 2019

Trask follows-up with Göransson.

9-26-19 email to filt eic.png

Friday sept 27th, 2019

Göransson replies Trask.

9-27-19 email from filt eic.png

Trask replies Göransson.

9-27-19 email response to filt eic.png

Göransson does not reply further.

Trask and Hecht post an example of their internal production documents also in the possession of Magasinet Filter. The following transcript is a phone call between Trask, Hecht and a representative of United Stage.

The transcript was posted to Instagram with the following public message:

While on-location in Sweden for production in 2016, filmmakers Amelia Trask and Sasha Hecht learned of a #MeToo movement organizing in Sweden. The objective of its organizing members was to inform the Swedish public of alleged sexual abuse committed by members of the domestic Swedish music industry including, but not limited, to Isse Samie of Woah Dad.

Simultaneous to this, Henrik Berggren informed Trask and Hecht that his then-management, United Stage, was considering Woah Dad to release his forthcoming album ‘Wolf’s Heart’ in Scandinavia.

On August 13th, 2016, Trask and Hecht met Berggren’s then-manager and publicist Ebba Lindqvist and presented the necessity of an NDA before disclosing their protected source material. Lindqvist refused.

Shortly thereafter, Lindqvist introduced Trask and Hecht to Untied Stage owner Anders Larsson.

On August 8th, 2016, Larsson traveled from Stockholm to Gothenburg to meet Trask and Hecht. During the meeting Larsson refused to sign NDA but later disclosed similar knowledge of sexual misconduct. Larsson assured filmmakers that his company would protect Berggren. Filmmakers and Larsson agreed to communicate in good faith.

On November 9th, 2016, a United Stage representative called the filmmakers in Brooklyn, NY with the intent to procure information from the foreign journalists in order to strengthen United Stage’s position in then-ongoing record negations of Berggren’s ‘Wolf's Heart’ with the Woah Dad trademark, Telegram Studios Ltd, and Warner Music Scandinavia AB.

Throughout the making of ‘I’ll Be Gone,’ filmmakers Amelia Trask and Sasha Hecht appropriately identified themselves as foreign journalists, clearly articulated their intentions, and maintained ethical and professional boundaries throughout their time in Sweden. 

If Mattias Göransson, the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Magasinet Filter, could not reasonably edit a version of Kärlek Med Förhinder, assigned to staff writer Oskar Sonn Lindell by Göransson, why, then, did Göransson publish the article in any form?

Everything is documented.

Please advise.

Sunday sept 29th, 2019

Sasha Hecht publishes a public statement regarding Magasinet Filter’s Defamatory Article, Kärlek Med Förhinder, hosted at the top of this page.

Monday sept 30th, 2019

Mattias Göransson emails Trask and identifies Christopher Friman as the responsible Editor-in-Chief of Magasinet Filter for the published version of Kärlek Med Förhinder.

9-30-19 filt email 1.png

Shortly thereafter, Christopher Friman emails Trask and confirms he is the responsible Editor. Friman also takes responsibility for the historically inaccurate information by exonerating Isse Samie and Klas Lunding.

9-30-19 filt email 2.png

Trask replies Friman and Göransson.

9-30-19 filt email 3.png